@ Lambert International Airport, St. Louis, MO, April 22-September 9, 2016

Consisting of enlarged and modified graphics from Konica Minolta printing supply packaging, KMUltra draws a parallel between the widespread influence of print media and MKUltra, the unsanctioned, CIA-funded experiments wit h mind-control and torture in the 1950s. In MKUltra, chemical substances were used to attempt to influence unknowing participants’ behavior and alter their reality. While seemingly unrelated, commercial printing—as a medium that purports to convey truth through images and data—can be also be viewed as a tool to manipulate thoughts and behavior. While it is used to widely disseminate information, print media can also be a powerful method of distributing negative stereotypical images of various cultures and peoples. KMUltra considers both historical, hidden trials in regulating human behavior as well as more contemporary, public attempts at psychological control.

Toner pigment from commercial printers has been employed as the painting medium, fusing manual process with industrial substance to connect the visual arts to the commercial printing economy.